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June 2023

Westfield Electroplating is excited to announce our attendance at the 54th edition of the

Paris Air Show 2023. 

Stop by Booth #G7 in ALL3 - June 19-25, 2023.   

Check back for details and pictures of the event.

Pioneer Valley

Youth Hockey Association

Annual Golf Tournament Sponsor

June 2023

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October 2007

Westfield Electroplating is excited to announce the development of a new environmentally compliant coating for aluminum.  The new Envirolyze® family of coatings is offered exclusively at the Westfield Electroplating Company.  After several years of research and development, WEPCO is pleased to make this new synergistic coating available to the metal working industry.

Available in several versions the thicker and harder version of the coating is known as Envirolyze®-WR, while the thinner coating is commonly referred to as Envirolyze®-TF

Envirolyze® -TF was originally conceived as a coating to provide superior corrosion resistance for aerospace heat exchangers, without the use of environmentally damaging chemistry.  Envirolyze® -TF does not require the use of hexavalent chromium compounds like most conversion coatings, such as Alodine® or Iridite®, while exceeding the corrosion resisting performance of those traditional coatings.  In fact Envirolyze® -TF is RoHS compliant.  RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) is the mandate for controlling materials and processes on virtually all parts and assemblies destined for use in Europe.

The Envirolyze®-WR coating is an offshoot of the original –TF variant; its superior wear and corrosion resisting properties have recently led to its successful incorporation on handguns for a major US firearms manufacturer. Its moisture shedding properties have made it an extraordinary coating, and salt  spray tests (conducted in accordance with ASTM B-117) have shown resistance to corrosion in excess of 10,000 hours.

Contact Sales Manager Wayne Dolby, or Technical Director Keven Kudelka for more information.

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